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Mass-Marketing Fraud

If you reside in the U.K. then you have most likely heard about the new mass-marketing fraud schemes which have plagued people in recent years. People in this part of the world have generally seen two main types of mass-marketing fraud; schemes which target large numbers of victims for small financial losses on an individual basis, and schemes which target large amounts of people for significantly higher amounts of wages. Both schemes are financially damaging, and both of them require immediate attention.

Mass-fraud refers to the method in which a person defrauds a large number of people. Many of these criminals utilize mass e-mails to “phish” for victims. These e-mails often ask for you to download an attachment, which contains a computer virus. Other e-mails might request personal information in exchange for financial payout. They operate under the guise of a legitimate business, and people who are not naturally skeptical often become victims. Internet, mail and telemarketing fraud are all primary ways in which people fall victim to these types of criminals. If you ever receive a suspicious call, hang up, and report the number to the proper authorities immediately.

There are other mass-marketing fraud schemes as well, and they include “work-at-home” schemes, credit card interest reduction, retail schemes, lottery or sweepstakes schemes and romance schemes. All of these serve one purpose; to gain the trust of an individual in order to profit from them.