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Scams That Use Microsoft Name

Scam artists continue to use new levels of sophistication to attain money from other people illegally. They often associate their scams with name brands in order to dupe people within the U.K. into divulging personal information to them. Once they have your information, they can ruin your credit and leave you mired in debt for the rest of your life. One of the ways criminals run scams is through the use of the Microsoft name. There are several common ways in which criminals use the Microsoft name to gain the trust of others.

Some of the Microsoft scams are more advanced, while others are simply ludicrous. One of the more silly scams is one in which someone sends you an e-mail which states that you have won the Microsoft Lottery. This is one of those “too good to be true” scams, and they are pretty easy to spot. Another common Microsoft scam is one in which a Microsoft Tech Support person calls to “fix” your computer. In this type of scam the fraudulent representative will ask for personal information. They will claim to fix your computer from their central office, when in reality they are only interested in acquiring your information in order to steal money.

Additionally, some people receive fraudulent e-mails which contain attached security updates. Once you open the attachment you run the risk of allowing people access to your personal files.