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Prevention of Fraud

The expression, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing applies to people who want to protect their financial assets. These wolves are criminals who utilize fraud to swindle trusting individuals into providing money or information. They often operate under the guise of a legitimate business. Some even impersonate non-profit organizations in order to trick people into giving them money. Business is going well for criminals in the U.K. It is up to you to put these criminals out of business

If you have ever been a victim of fraud then you understand how hard it is to recover from the situation. Preventative measures are the only way you can truly protect yourself. The first step to prevention is security. All of your passwords should be housed in a safe location. Never store passwords to bank accounts or other other accounts on removable USB drives. These little devices are easily lost, which makes them susceptible to falling into the wrong hands. If you must store store your passwords on your computer, make sure that you are the only one who can access your computer.

Never share your personal information with anyone over the phone or online. If you do share it, make sure that the website has encryption enabled. Legitimate online businesses use this to hide customers’ information. All personal information should be erased after you sign up for a website’s services. taking these steps can mean the difference between financial success, and ruin.