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Avoid Online Blackmail

Blackmail is one of the scariest forms of fraud that you will encounter. Recent news stories coming from England and Britain have shed light on the blackmail industry’s disturbing trend. Individuals who are blackmailed are forced to spend money, or to perform actions that they would otherwise avoid. These actions are required of the person; if that person does not comply, then embarrassing or career-ending information or media may be distributed. This threat constitutes psychological fraud, and it is illegal.

Sometimes teenagers are the ones who fall victim to blackmail schemes. They might develop an online relationship with someone that they think they know. What often occurs is the person at the opposite end of the computer convinces someone to pose nude on camera, or to send sexually explicit photos to them. After a period of time, the person that the boy or girl believed they were in love with turns on them. They might require a sum of money to prevent the spread of the sexually suggestive material. These cases can be difficult to prosecute, especially when the person committing the fraud is using an alias or fake pictures of their own.

If you are someone who has a lot to lose, never start an online relationship with someone you have never met. Dishonest people target wealthy and successful individuals for exploitation purposes. They know that these people have money to spend, and this makes them prime targets. Remain on high alert whenever you correspond with people online.